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Taking the Pain Out of Online Marketing

There are three main criteria that search engines now use to decide which sites get ranked where.

  1. Content The content of your site. Content is king, and the more text you have on your site that provides details related to your site's topic, the more likely the search engines will look favorably on you.
  2. Backlinks The heart of the Google revolution was the recognition that it's what other sites think of your site that counts the most. Backlinks (links from other sites to your site) are a key component of all search engine algorithms these days.
  3. Internal Linking Structure How your site is linked also makes a big difference. The better your site's linking structure, the better your site will do.

Of course, many factors go into search engine decisions about how to rank which sites, but these three criteria count highly by the estimation of most SEO experts. Use the links in the top left of the black column to explore the ways Dirt Cheap Advertising can help your site.

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